UE5: Retro Office Project - Tutorial Course

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Learn to Create & Light Beautiful Interior Environments from Start to Finish in Only 9 Hours w/UE5

Learn step-by-step process to creating beautiful interior environments in less than a day. 9 hours to be exact.

You'll go from an idea to a final environment - one you'll be able to explore and play in.

You'll start with a set of unique, never-before released Retro Office Static Meshes provided with the tutorial course. The entire set includes 79 assets: 27 modular pieces and 52 props to detail your environment with.

You will use 27 modular assets to create the rooms, hallways and interior Retro Office space. Then you will use 52 props to add detail into each office.

With various Material Instances, you'll be able to change the visual aesthetics of the environment very easily.

Using UE5's powerful Lumen Lighting system, you will light the environment using exterior and interior lighting.

You will bring the world to life with sound and post process. Finally you will take screenshots and create a cinematic video fly-through.

What You Will Learn in This Course

  • Learn the entire process workflow of creating interior environments and lighting them
  • How to use modular Static Meshes to blockout interior environment spaces
  • How to create interior environments to scale and keep everything to player proportions
  • In-depth study of lighting interior spaces using Exterior Lights such as Directional Light, Sky Lightand Interior Lights such as Spot Lights, Point Lights and Rect Lights
  • How to use props to detail and create story and mood
  • How to work with sound inside your level and create atmosphere
  • How to use Material Instances to change visual look of your environments
  • How to use multiple Post Process volumes to create different visuals for various parts of your interior environment
  • How to take beautiful high-resscreenshots like a pro photographer
  • How to create a cinematic camera fly-through of your final environment
  • Improving indirect lighting for interiors with Lumen
  • How to improve and fix Lumen lighting such as reducing light flickering
  • Tips on optimizing dynamic Lumen lights
  • Many more techniques, tips, advice and methods are shared in the course...

List of All Videos Included

The course ncludes 19 videos (8 hour and 59 min); each video is 1080p HD and mp4:

  • 00. Introduction to the Course (08:31)
  • 01. UE5 Project Setup (10:37)
  • 02. Using Retro Office Assets - Breakdown (09:47)
  • 03. Preproduction and Blockout Planning (19:16)
  • 04. Initial Level Setup (06:00)
  • 05. Modular Blockout - Part 1 (1:11:27)
  • 06. Modular Blockout - Part 2 (44:51)
  • 07. Modular Blockout - Part 3 (30:03)
  • 08. Adding Modular Variations (15:02)
  • 09. Adding Material Instances (21:55)
  • 10. Detailing with Props (58:13)
  • 11. Lighting: Exterior - Day (30:54)
  • 12. Lighting: Interior (45:27)
  • 13. Lighting: Exterior - Night (11:51)
  • 14. Improving Lumen Lighting (18:46)
  • 15. Adding Sound (22:39)
  • 16. Post Process Effects (52:35)
  • 17. Taking High-Res Screenshots (15:18)
  • 18. Creating a Camera Flythrough (46:27)

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UE5: Retro Office Project - Tutorial Course

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