UE5: Guide to HDRI Lighting with Unreal Engine 5

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Learn How to Realistically Light UE5 Environments with HDR Images

  • Realistically light environments with images
  • 3 techniques to light with HDRIs
  • Learn to import and use custom HDRIs to light with

Realistic Lighting in UE5 with HDRIs

One of the easiest and quickest ways to light environments in UE5 is to use HDRIs.

What is an HDRI?

HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Image. It contains full range of values from dark to bright in a single image.

HDRI lighting is also called Image-Based Lighting and it's one of the fastest ways to light exteriors, interiors or both, realistically.

Lighting with HDRI will:

  • Light a scene
  • Produce shadows
  • Provide a background
  • Create reflections

HDRIs are great for showcasing your environments or your models in a world with minimal effort. You just have to know how to properly setup HDRI lighting in UE5.

"UE5 Guide to HDRI Lighting" tutorial course will show you how.

UE5: Guide to HDRI Lighting - What You Will Learn

  • What HDRIs will do for lighting your environments
  • How to import custom HDR Images with different lighting scenarios to light environments
  • How to get full resolution HDRIs in UE5
  • 3 different HDRI methods you can use to realistically light your environments
  • How to use HDRIs with a Skylight
  • How to create a custom Material to be used on a Static Mesh sphere for a custom HDRI sky backdrop
  • How to use HDRIs with BP Light Studio
  • How to use HDRIs with HDRI Backdrop plugin
  • Tips for improving HDRI lighting with Lumen
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UE5: Guide to HDRI Lighting with Unreal Engine 5

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